Blister Packs & Boxed Sets
These miniatures are left over from my store closed, as best as I can remember, about 1983. They have been in storage ever since. Most of them are in very nice shape, ie., new, like you would find them in the store. Some of them (as you can see from the photos) are a little the worse for wear. None of them have ever been opened. (except, of course, the loose miniatures as noted)

Contact me at with the ID of those you want (Item# and Letter, i.e. #2001A) Choose any with a green background. Yellow backgrounds are waiting for payment to clear and red backgrounds are sold.


Loose Figures

The loose miniatures are, if identified, sorted by company. This will include any that are not Martian Metals. They are divided into two classifications. ie. some have been painted - some have not.

Loose miniatures.