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"Adventures We Write"

The • Adventure

My • summer • vacation


Zombocalypse ThrustJustice TimeTDinos

"Advanced Dungeons And Dragons"
Test of the Ninja    Specter Power        Sorcerer's Crown     Curse of the Werewolf Spawn of Dragonspear

"Advanced Fantasy Gamebook"
Legends Skyfall

"Carmen Sandiego"
Where in Time Where in USA  Where in Space Where in Space Where in Space

Fuels Gold

"Choice Adventures"
Old Church    Smithsonian Connection UnderRailroad Rain Forest   Quarterback   AbandonedGldMn Homestead     TallShip      ClassPrjct    Mayan Mystery Appalachian

"The Choice is Yours"
Mystery Ball Game Forbidden Towers Lost World Town in Terror        Target: Earth        Cosmic Kidnappers

"Choose Your Own Adventure"
Original Series
CaveOfTimeA CaveOfTime Journey Under the Sea Journey Under the Sea By Balloon to the Sahara Space and Beyond        Space and Beyond A      Mystery Chimney Rock Your CodeName Jonah Third Planet Altair Deadwood           Who Killed Harlowe Lost Jewels Nabooti Mystery of the Maya Inside UFO 54-40   Inside UFO 54-40  Forbidden          House of Danger    Survival at Sea    The Race Forever   Underground Kingdom Secret of Pyramids Escape             Hyperspace         Space Patrol A Space Patrol  LostAmazon          PrisonerAntPeople   HighRidge           Mountain Survival   CurseBattersleaHall VampireEx           MysteryHighlandCrest Journey Stonehenge  SecretTreasureTibet PowerMastr          Sabotage            Supercomputer       ThroneZeus          MtGorillas          MysteryUraSenke     You Are a Shark     Deadly Shadow       OutlwShrwd          AnchorMine          Magic Unicorn       GhostHunter         Case Silk King      TrumptTero          Antimater Formula   Terror Island       Sugarcane           Volcano             Mardi Gras Mystery  SecrtNinja          SecrtSunGd          InvadersPlanetEarth Space Vampires      ByndGrWall          Mona Lisa Missing   FrstOlymp           Return Atlantis     Perfect Planet      Australia           Hurricane!          TrackBear           You Are a Monster   KngtRndTbl          MstrKungFu          SouthPole           Mutiny In Space     Superstar           Return of the Ninja BloodHandl          You Are a Genius    YouArea Millionaire RevengeRussianGhost Worst Day Your Life Alien, Go Home      Master Tae Kwon Do  Grave Robbers       CobraCnt            OnyxDragn           Hijacked            Fight For Freedom   MstKarate           ChinaDragon         InvdrWthin          Smok Jmpr           SkatBoard           DareDevil           Kidnappd            Search Aladins Lamp VampirInvad         Ghost Train         Behind the Wheel    Magic Mstr          SilverWings         OutlwGulch          Master Martial Arts SurfMonkey          Luckiest            ScrtDolphin         RollerStar          ScneCrime           Dinosaur Island     Secret Mystery Hill Project UFO         CometCrsh           Everest             Soccr Star          Mstr Judo           Last Run            Ninja Cyborg        Typhoon!            Titanic             Stampede!           FireIce             EscapeHauntdWareHous
Super Adventures
Journey Year 3000 DangerZone
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Valley of the Kings South of the Border Safari Irish Rebellion
Star Hawks
Faster Than Light The Planet Eater
Second Series
Snowman             Snowman             Under Sea           SpaceBeynd          Nabooti             Mys Maya            House Danger        House Danger        JourneyUnderSea     Escape              Lost on the Amazon  Ant People          Trouble Planet Earth Trouble Earth       Case Silk King      Beyond Escape       Secret Ninja        Brilliant Dr Wogan  SilverWing          MoonQuest           SmkJmpers           UNMolowa
Bantam Skylark
The Circus       Haunted            Sunk Trsre         Your Robot       Green Slime        Bigfoot            CreatureMillersPond Summer Camp        Mona Missing       Polar Bear Express Mummy Tomb       Flying Carpet      Magic Path         Runaway Spaceship  Haunted Harbor     Monster Plants   Owl Tree           Easter Bunny     Burro Mountain     Day Dinosaurs      You Are Invisible YouMakeDifference  Enchan Attic
Your Robot Your Robot Caravan         HauntHouse      OwlTree         Grandparents
Walt Disney
Snow White PeterPan           WindWillows

"Combat Command"
Cut by Emerald      Shines the Name

"Decide Your Destiny"
Star Wars Clone Wars
Clone Wars   Lost Legion Tethan Battle

"Doctor Who Adventures"
Rebels Gamble

Original Series
Sword Daughters Quest  Challenge Pegasus Grail Unicorn Crown          Spellbound             Dungeons of Dregnor    Hall Gargoyle King     Pledge of Peril

"Endless Quest"
Original Series
Dungeon of Dread      Dungeon of Dread      MountainMirrors       MountainMirrors       Pillars of Pentegarn  Pillars of Pentegarn  ReturnToBrookmere A   ReturnToBrookmere     Revolt of the DwarvesA Revolt of the Dwarves RevengeRainbowDragonsA RevengeRainbowDragons Hero Washington Square Villanins of Volturnus Robbers and Robots    Circus of Fear        Endless Quest 11       Light Quest Mountain  Dragon Doom           Raid Nightmare        Under Dragon's Wing   Dragon Ransom         Captive Planet        King's Quest          Conan - The Undaunted Duel of the Masters   Endless Catacombs     Trouble Artule        Conan - The Outlaw    Tarzan Well of Slaves  Lair of the Lich      Mystery ofthe Ancients Tower of Darkness     Fireseed              Prisoner of Elderwood                       Claw of the Dragon
Super Endless Quest
Prisoners Pax thing
DungonFear            CstlUnDead            SecretDjinn           SiegeTower            Wild Ride             ForstDarkns           Night Tiger           GalcticChlg           BigbysCurse
Heart Quest
Ring Ruby Dragon       Talsman Valdegarde     Secrt Srcs             Isle Illusion
Crimson Crystal
Riddle Griffin       Search Pegasus       Renegades Luntar

"Escape From"
Trapped Sea Kingdom Terror on Kabran   Star System Tenopia
Forest of the King

"Fighting Fantasy Gamebook"
Warlock FiretopMtn Citadel of Chaos  Forest of Doom    Starship Traveller Deathtrap Dungeon Deathtrap Dungeon Island Lizard King Island Lizard King Island Lizard King Caverns Snow Witch Island Lizard King Freeway Fighter   Island Lizard King Rings of Kether   Island Lizard King Appointment FEAR  Rebel Planet      Sword Samurai     Masks of Mayhem   Creature of Havok

"Find Your Fate"
Original Series (Indiana Jones/Morgan Swift/James Bond)
CurseHorrorIsland LstTrsShb            GntSlvTwr            GntSlvTwr           EyeFate              CupoftheVampire      Legion of Death      CultMummyCrypt CultMummyCrypt Dragon of Vengeance  GldGenKhn            TreasureCrocodile Key James Bond 11        Kidnapped Goddess    Ape Slaves           Mask Elephant
Doctor Who
Search for the Doctor Dr Who 2             Garden of Evil       Garden of Evil       Mission to Venus     Race Time            Dr Who 5
GI Joe
Operation Star Raider Terror Trap          Everglades           Death Stone          Death-Ray            Thunderbolt          OP:Time Machine      TigerStrike
DinobotsStrke         BattleDrive           AttackInsect          Earthquake            AutobotAlert          Brain Drain           InvisFactor
WeapingCoffn         DancingDinor         GhostWarrior         TurkishTattoo

"Give Yourself Goosebumps"
Original Series
Escape Carnival Horrors     TickTockYourDead            BatWing Hall                Deadly Experiments Dr Eeek  Night In Werewolf Woods     Purple Peanut Butter        Magicians Spell             Curse Cr Coff               Knight Screaming Armor      Diary Mad Mummy             Deep Jungle Doom            Wicked Wax Museum           Scream Evil Genie           CreepyCreationsProfessrShock Don't Feed the Vampire      Secret Agent Grandma        Comic Shop                  Attk Bstl Bby               Escape From Camp            Toy Terror                  TaleTikiIs                  Retn CarnHorr               Zapd Space                  Lost in Stinkeye Swamp      Shop Till You Drop Dead     Aln Snakebite               OnlyNitMare                 Escape from Horror House    Scary Birthday to You       Zombie School               Danger Time
Special Edition
JawsDoom                 CircusFear               One Night in Payne House

"Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebook"
Crypt of Vampire Temple of Flame  Eye of The Dragon Curse of Pharroh

"Grail Quest"
CastleDarkness Den of Dragons Gateway of Doom Realm of Chaos

Badlands Hark Invaders Hark

"Interplanetary Spy"
Find Kirillian    Find Kirillian    Galactic Pirate   Robot World       Space Olympics    Star Crystal      Mission Microworld Red Rocket

"Lone Wolf"
Flight From the Dark Fire on the Water    The Caverns of Kalte The Chasm of Doom    Shadow on the Sand   Kingdom of Terror    Cauldron of Fear     The Prisoners of Time The Darke Crusade    The Deathlord of Ixia

"Making Choices"
Original Series
Mysterious Machine Cereal Box Adv PresidentsStuck Dog Food       Horse FunnyBits

"Marvel Super Heroes"
thing X-Men

Derathwater Sorceress  LeapLion   LostCrowns WhiteWitch

Original Series
Cave of Fear      Planet of Terror  ValScrmStat       CastleHorror

"Pick A Path"
Original Series
Jungle Adv  Dinosour Adv Ballarina	Rebel Robot Hot Dog Gang Murf Monster
Fantasy Forest
Ring Sword Unicorn Ring Rangar
Dungeons & Dragons
Maze Magic Drgn

"Pick Your Path"
Club Penguin
Stowaway    InvApprent  StarReport  PuffleSwitch DancingCadence NinjaQuest    PuffleSearch
Trio of Terror
RaceRumble NghtChampns
Tenkai Knights
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Sudden Turn

"Play It Your Way Sports Book"
Original Series
CanYouWinPennant   Pro Football       WorldSeriesPressure

"Scream Shop"
Original Series
Abracadanger NowYouSeeMe, NowYouDon't EyeSpyAln RvgGarg 3SrkMon DayDead CrsCntBlood WarTrolls

"Star Challenge"
Original Series
PlanetsNPeril GalacticRaiders HauntedPlanet

"Star Wars"
Hunt the Sun Runner       Caverrn of Screming Skulls The Hostage Princess      Jango Fett vs Razor Eaters Shape-Shifter Strikes     Warlords of Balmorra      HuntForAnakin Skywalker   Capture Arawynne          Danger on Naboo           Podrace to Freedom
Episode I Adventures
Search for the Lost Jedi Bartokk Assassins       Fury of Darth Maul      Jedi Emergency          Ghostling Children      Hunt for Anakin         Trouble on Tatooine     Redsue in the Core      Festival of Warriors    Pirate Beyond the Sea   BongoRally
Star Wars Missions
AssayltYavinFour      EscapeFromThyferra    Attack on Delrakkin   Destroy Liquidator    Hunt Han Solo         Search for Grubba     Ithorian Invasion     Togorian Trap         Revolt Battle Droids  Showdown Mos Eisley   Bounty Hunters Droids Vactooine Disaster    Prisoner Nikto Pirates Monsters of Dweem     Voyage to Underworld

"Super Eye"
Original Series
Treasure Hunt Shark Attack

"Time Machine"
Original Series
Knights Dinosaur Samurai                Pirates                Civil War              Rings Saturn           IceAgeExp              MysAtlantis            WildWestRidr           American Revolutionary MssnWWII               SecretRoyalTreasure    BldGuilltn             FlameInquisition       QuestCitiesGold        Scotland Yard Detective Caesar                 China                  Dinosaurs              King Authur            WWI Flying Ace
JourneyCenterAtom DestinationBrain SearchShark  EscapeJupiter

"Twist A Plot"
Original Series
Time Raider       Train of Terror   Formula Trouble   Golden Sword      Sinister Studios  Crash Landing         VidAvengr             Race Into the Past HorHntMus             MissionSecretSpySquad CmpDgrMtn             JourneyToVernico5     SpllCster             SecretsLostIsland     GhstRidrGld           CallingOuterSpace
Horrors Haunted Museum The Time Raider        Golden Sword Dragonwalk

"Twisted Journeys"
Original Series
Mount Fate  GoblinKing  AttMutMeteor DetectFrank HorrorSpace FifthMusktr SummerlndPrk

"What Do I Do Now?"
The Forces of Krill Cavern of Doom      CnqestQuendr
Blackstone's Magic Adventure
Case Mummy's Tomb    Case Gentleman Ghost
Blackstone's Magical Adventure

"Which Way"
Original Series
Vampires Spies Aliens SplBlkRvn             Last Strange Land     Curse Sunken Treasure CrtsDark              InvasionBlackSlime SpaceRaiders          PGPE                  ST:VgeAdv             IslTerr               CmpTVWrst             ST:PhrFigt
Supergirl Batman
Secret Door
Giants, Elves & Scary Monsters The Inch-High Kid

"Wizards, Warriors & You"

"You Choose"
Original Series
Life of a Knight  World War I       World War II HF   Life as a Samurai World War II      Great Depression

"Misc Adventures"
ET Adventure           Stainless Steel Rat Adv Third Planet Frm Altair Biting For Blood       Dick Tracy             New Hope               Muppet TI              Defense Terror         Distress Call!         PuffleSwitch           PlanetTerror           Center Earth3D         VoygColum              RaceRumble             WorstCase Scenario Mars Magicians Ring         Master Past            Jurassic Park          MstrMyhm               Buttercup              SecretRnbwIsl          BMODayOut              SherlockHolmes