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I started collecting comics as a kid over 50 years ago. I collected comics for many years. Most of the comics I've collected, starting in the early to mid-60's, I got new from the newsstand. I am listing my collection as I dig it out. In addition to my collection, I have accumulated some duplicates and comics that I don't collect while buying collections to get comics I did want.

I have included a large image that you can access by clicking on the picture of the comic. This will allow you to see all the flaws.

Note: Discounts given for any order of 25 or more comics
   {Get the 793 DC Comics listed here (individually priced at $15,629.67) for only $9,350.00}
   {Get the 653 Marvel Comics listed here (individually priced at $18,368.14) for only $11,020.00}
   {Get the 616 Dell/Gold Key/Gladstone Comics listed here (individually priced at $11,367.25) for only $7,350.00}
{Get all 2166 Comics listed here (individually priced at $45,917.46) for only $22,958.73}

NOTE: The graded comics are NOT included in any of the above lists
Alpha Flight Avengers Conan the Barbarian The Defenders Doctor Who Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider Groo Hulk Iron Fist Journey Into Mystery Ka Zar
Marvel Feature Marvel Premiere Marvel Super Action Marvel Super-Heroes Marvel TeamUp
Marvel Return of the Jedi Silver Surfer Spiderman Star Trek Star Wars Thor
Action Adventure Arion Batman Batman and the Outsiders Blackhawk
Collectors Edition DC Comics Presents Detective Comics Famous First Edition Flash Ghosts
Hawkman Justice League of America Strange Adventures Star Trek Strange Adventures Superboy
Superman Ghosts
Archie Comics
First Comics
First Comics
Walt Disney

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