Welcome To My Attic!

Collage I am now retired. I have time, finally, to really look at the stuff I have accumulated over the years. I am putting some of that stuff up for sale. Some of it I bought new when I was a kid, some if it I found at a Second hand or thrift store, at Goodwill or at a garage sale, some of it came from a game store I had many years ago. Some of it I don't remember WHERE I got it. But, wherever I got it, my wife suggests "sell it". Most if it is one of a kind, by that I don't mean that there is not another like it in the world, just that I only have one of them. Some of it (like the game store stuff) I may have more than one, but it is still very limited. And, as such, I am going to try for a full value, but like a Dutch auction, over time the price will fall until sold. Every month, when I am not entering in new items, I will select a folder and lower the price of every item in the folder. So, if you are interested, check back - not only for new items but for new prices as well.

For collectors!

From this page you can get select the category that you wish review. I have grouped similar items together. If I find I have enough for a category, I will add a new selection. From here you can currently select:

Martian Metal Miniatures in unopened packages and/or loose figures
Other Miniatures in unopened packages and/or loose figures
Science Fiction Collectables Mostly Star Trek and Star Wars but assorted stuff
Books. Mostly interactive (Choose Your Own Adventure, Pick-A-Path, Endless Quest, Time Machine, etc.) or SF
Comic books. DC, Marvel, Spiderman, Superman, Fantastic Four, Batman, lots of them.
Board games. Some classics like Risk, some tie-ins like Flip Your Wig (Beatles) others just fun.
Role Playing Items. (Including but not limited to D&D, Traveler, Judges Guild etc.
Trading Cards includes Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, Batman, Star Trek, X-files etc.
Glasses. Collectable drinking glasses or tumblers. Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Dr Pepper, Star Trek etc.
Posters. Posters I have accumulated over time - mostly movie posters
Fast Food Toys. Collectable Happy Meal toys from McDonalds etc.
Misc. stuff I could not figure out where else to put.

This site is constantly under construction, and will be changing from time to time. So bookmark us, put us on your virtual bookshelf, and check back!

You can contact me at with comments or requests!
I ship next day for PayPal & Money Orders or the day after your personal checks clears

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